Garden Mole Removal

Mole removal and control services in Loughborough, Leicester, Derby and surrounding areas.

Moles, although perhaps cute to some, can cause devastation in your garden and grounds if uncontrolled. We understand and our specialist humane mole catcher team can help.

We believe our mole catching is second to none – we only use humane traditional methods.

Moles can soon make a mess of your lovely lawn or grounds, and can be dangerous for animals in your paddock.

Pest-Away remove your moles quickly and humanely. We do not use chemicals as we feel it’s not humane and can be dangerous as it is aluminium phosphide (mustard gas). We use a traditional trapping method. The mole is smart, almost one step ahead, and sadly there is always an ‘old wives’ remedy, but you will just get the little devil to go somewhere else in your garden.


  • Do not put down chemicals, bleach, fuel, etc it just ignores it and digs up more of your garden. And it’s not great for the environment.
  • Don’t waste your money on sonic emitting probes that vibrate. If they worked you wouldn’t see mole hills at the side of busy roads.
  • Don’t use bottle or windmills, they don’t work either.
  • Don’t use a shotgun like Jasper Carrot!!
  • Don’t put garlic down the hole as it only works on vampire bats, which we don’t control.


  • Call Pest-Away – one of our team can help you.


Moles grow to around 15cm as an adult. They tunnel under our feet and catch worms and larvae. They are a solitary mammal and only mate once a year. The female will have up to 7 baby diggers in one litter. They live on average for 3 years. Their sense of small, touch and hearing is super. They dig very shallow tunnels – you can almost see the line, and deep ones that give you that beautifully tilled soil mole hills. The huge molehills called a ‘fortress’ are to keep the nest clear of any water tables. A great creature, but makes a mess.

Pest-Away specialise in mole control or mole catching. We provide a service second to none and have fixed price treatments. Please call our mole specialist team for all your mole advice and learn what we can do for you. Call our mole hotline now 01509 843834

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