Service Agreements

Pest removal and control Commercial Service Agreements

Protecting you in the home or workplace.

To us all our service agreements are priority.

Pest-Away does not tie you into lengthy contracts that take 3 to 6 months notice to get out of. We call ours a service agreement as its just that: no ties, just one visit to collect our equipment – very simple. However, we feel you’ll be so pleased with our friendly, professional service, we will be partners for many years.

We provide a comprehensive site file with health & safety, COSHH, risk assessment, method statements, site plan and safety data sheets. We’ve embraced the requirement of environmental health, which in turn helps, you the valued customer.

Pest-away carries out a full assessment of your property to qualify what type of preventative measure and amount of visits you will require per year based on your business, what you do and the environment you are in.

Our technicians are fully qualified and look at the whole picture. Our techs will check the property for any changes that you may have – to constantly review the solution that you have.

Pest-away will check your electric fly killers for efficiency. We can clean them and give them a health check per year.

We provide a non-chemical control method. We have a 35 day rule – we only use toxic baits for up to 35 days to gain control of any activity. We then use non-toxic baits to monitor for any activity.

**Under certain circumstances we go over the 35 day rule due to very active environment a property may be in.

Pest-away stick to guidelines of HACCP. An acronym for Analysis Critical Control Points – a method of highlighting the points where contamination of your products can occur. Our technicians use non-toxic baits and non-spill non-toxic monitoring baits.

We produce a full report sheet at every visit. This is a comprehensive report sheet outlining what we have done and needs doing – such as proofing or changes to your housekeeping – to help secure you in the work place and protect your valuable business.

Pest-away can look after ALL the pest problems your business may have. We provide specialist fumigation from aircraft to containers. All insects and vermin, pigeons and associated clean-ups and proofing. We are a one stop pest control service provider. We can service very small to large businesses

Here at Pest-away we are very proud of what we do. Please don’t hesitate to call us for any needs you might have.

Service agreement hotline 01509 843834

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