Pigeon Dispersal & Bird Control

Effective Pigeon removal and bird control services in Leicester, Loughborough and surrounding areas.

Pigeons can cause a huge nuisance in built up and rural areas alike but by implementing simple control measures this can be avoided. The Pest-Away team offer an effective pigeon proofing and clean-up service of pigeon droppings and degradation.

The pigeon proofing service provides discreet pigeon netting and spiking using netting that is highly effective at stopping a pigeon from roosting and perching in undesired places.

Due to the complexity of certain buildings, the Pest-Away team always undertakes a site visit of the property and provides a free survey and quotation for your specific needs.

Follow up visits for maintenance are also available to our customers for continued peace of mind. We only use high grade quality products like stainless steel bird spikes, quality netting and optical gel. Optical gel is an innovative control bird control system. It appears to pest birds as fire keeping them of structures without harming them whilst maintaining the aesthetics of the structure.

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