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Moth Removal in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough

The most common insect removal requests we receive here at Pest-Away is a common clothes moth.These small golden moths can grow to become around 10mm long and lay 200-300 eggs in their short 7-10 day life span, causing a serious damage to clothes, carpets, curtains, leathers and furs. It’s the larvae or grub that actually feed off fabrics, Carpets and foodstuffs, so by the time you see adult moths flying around,the damage is sadly already likely to have been done.

  • Warm conditions allowing moths to thrive all year round
  • Plush home furnishings, quality carpets and soft furnishings
  • Quality clothes such as cashmere and silk

Moths are not dirty or a health hazard, infestations soon become increasingly difficult to manage without the help of one of our Pest Control Technicians

At Pest-Away our pest control technicians have experience of dealing with all types of moths. The main species that cause disruption are the Brown House Moth, the Common Clothes Moth and Case Bearing Clothes Moth, so named because of its preference for fabrics as a food source; the White Shouldered House Moth that infests foodstuffs.

Moths love the dark, under furniture, behind your TV and under your Sofa that’s where they will lay there lay their eggs. Clothes that have been stored away in drawers, cupboards and wardrobes is perfect for Moths to breed, as does carpet and under beds, these are the places that may not be hoovered very often.

Pest-Away can help.

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