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Bed bugs are horrible Fleas are horrible there is no doubt, but we understand and our specialist team at Pest-Away can help.

We believe our pest control is second to none and have a dedicated team to solve your pest problem.

Fleas are a parasite and feed on our loved pets, then us. They can cause a substantial nuisance through their blood feeding habit. Fleas enter our homes or businesses on our pets or clothes, or as eggs on used furniture. We have various types of flea, but mainly cat or dog fleas feeding on our loved pets. They can be around for a while undetected, you may see your pet scratching itself and then one jumps on you whilst you’re watching TV.

Fleas, with a good food source, breed at an incredible rate. The female can live up to 2 years and lay up to an incredible 1000 eggs. During this time creating a huge family, 50% of which will be females, you can soon get a huge infestation at your home or business.

Fleas biteFleas are active, they are activated by your body heat and movement. Then they strike; ready for a human meal. Fleas are temperature sensitive and the complete life cycle can take about a month in the summer. However, with modern well insulated warm centrally heated properties this is a perfect breeding and feeding ground for the insect, flea or parasite. The bites will be mainly on your lower legs and feet, and if they happened to be where you sleep they can feed on your face, neck and shoulders. Fleas are not fussy – any exposed body parts will do.


  • Fleas will infest your pets, so a good sign is an itchy cat or dog.
  • A little brown insect jumping out of the corner of your eye.
  • Very itchy bites that can become infected if you scratch.

Flea Treatment and Eradication

These insects are clever and are very difficult to get rid of. Pest-Away’s advice is to get the property treated as soon as possible. Whilst you try ‘old wives’ remedies and cheap sprays the parasites are breeding and laying more eggs. We can treat the property and control this disgusting, germ spreading creature – quickly and thoroughly. When our pest control technicians come to treat your infestation they are very, very thorough – we want you to get your lives back!


  • Assess the property to confirm you have fleas.
  • Treat each room systematically by laying down a crack, crevice and band spray using a specialised insecticide which kills the parasites on impact, and leaves a residual to go on working for up to 6 weeks – and attacks the eggs.
  • We also fumigate; this superb product and application equipment was originally designed for aircraft. Now this brilliant fumigation system can be used in properties, killing the little devils on impact and flushing them out onto our insecticide. It’s devastation for you unwanted guests.

There is lots of advice we can help you with information on our treatment and what you need to do to your property. Please give our specialist team a call, they understand and can help.

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