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Ant Removal in Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Loughborough

Our ant control techniques are fully approved and deliver the best results on these annoying insects that can dig deep into your house and carry germs which are harmful for you and your family. Ants have always been a menace for houses and especially in the kitchen and garden area of your house. Leftover food, spilled food and rubbish are a haven for these ‘creepy crawlies’ that must be taken care of. With our professional pest control solutions we ensure complete sanitisation of a place making it ‘ant free’ and ‘insect free’.

Pest-Away is the first and foremost name when it comes to ant control in Leicester and ant control in Nottingham and we are ever-ready to help you with our professional insect control services in the UK. The most common type of ants in the UK are Black ants and Red ants which can dominate every household and office space. Professional pest controllers like us at Pest Away work hard to ensure your building and work is an insect free environment.

At Pest-Away, we undertake environmentally friendly pest control without using any harmful chemicals and in the process, ensure that there is no other adverse effect on humans and pets. We use sprays as well as granular and gel balls by placing them in locations (especially ant entrances) and/or cracks or crevices where we observe movement of ants and other small insects. Controlling these pests in a natural way and their menace results in an ant-free environment.Since ants feed on sugary food items, it is always advised not to spill or drop sugary treats as ants can smell them from some distance away. We are always there to help you out with our expert pest control solutions in Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham and Derby and surrounding areas if you need a solution to these annoying insects now.

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